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GENMOD SERV® main area of activity consists in producing water storage tanks and providing maintenance and repair services for any component of a water system, either potable or for fire fighting. Our team has acquired valuable skills and relevant experience in more than 6 years spent in the water storage tanks related field. By taking part in not less than 350 speciality projects, the accumulated technical expertise enables the team to meet any potential demand received from clients, consultants, designers or public authorities.

As a short term objective, GENMOD SERV® is implementing a strategy that should take the company to the market leader position, by providing real guarantee in respect of the company’s quality, accessibility and versatility of the supplied products and services.

The tank range supplied by GENMOD SERV® includes: modular metallic above-ground tanks (cylindrical and rectangular) made of galvanized steel, glass fused to steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The tanks can be used for: storing potable water / water for fire fighting / agriculture / irrigation / industrial processes.

The services provided by our company include: maintenance & service for storage tanks; tanks waterproofing; fire protection related services; maintenance & service for power generators; consultancy for feasibility studies and reports, technical projects and storage tanks procurement.


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